Tuesday, Feburary 2, 2021

AFC Condemns Assault on Pensioner


The Alliance For Change condemns in the strongest terms the assault of an elderly citizen by a staff of the Ministry of Social Services.

The AFC noted a report by University of Guyana Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Melisa Ifill on her Facebook page where she recounted the assault.

The Party further notes that the Minister of Human Services, Dr Vindya Persaud, has called for an immediate investigation into the incident and that the staff has been sent on leave to allow for a transparent and fair investigation.

The AFC regrets that one of our elderly citizens was treated in such an inhumane manner by someone who ought to know better. During its term in office, the coalition government expended significant resources in human resource development and capacity building across the public service so that all citizens accessing public service would be treated with dignity and respect. Special emphasis was placed on improving the quality of life of our elderly and this saw Old Age Pension increasing from $13,125 in 2015 when it came into office to $20,500 in 2019, representing a 55 percent increase in four years.

The AFC supports the investigation ordered by the minister and expects that the findings would be made public and appropriate actions taken to ensure such an incident is not repeated.