February 4, 2021

Georgetown, Guyana

For Immediate Release to All Media


AFC calls for Parliamentary disclosure on Guyana’s foreign policy

The Alliance For Change (AFC) is concerned over what is clearly a lack of vision and direction on Guyana’s foreign policy and apparent shift away from positions this country would have adopted and articulated at international fora including the UN General Assembly.

Like the rest of the Guyanese public, the AFC was made aware that Guyana under the PPP had entered into an agreement with Taiwan to set up an office here. Little is known of this agreement and how it interplays with our long held “One China” policy.

There was no Parliamentary discussion or engagement with the majority Opposition on this seeming new foreign policy. In fact, the Alliance For Change learnt of the PPP’s action through the local and international media.

The AFC notes that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Guyana and China, our two countries have maintained cordial relations. The Party is concerned that this action has the potential to harm our relations with China, a country that has been a true friend to Guyana and one that has extended technical, financial and humanitarian support to us over the years.

On the issue of the fishing vessels and crew that were detained in Venezuela, the AFC welcomes their release. However, the Party remains concerned over the failure of the PPP to disclose the full terms and conditions under which President Maduro agreed to release the men and the vessels.

The AFC calls for full Parliamentary disclosure on these two incidents.