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Monday, 01 February 2021


AFC thwarts attempt by PPP to remove Patterson from PAC – Reaffirms commitment to Patterson


The Alliance For Change stands resolutely behind Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, David Patterson, M.P. Any effort by the PPP to have him removed will be vehemently opposed.

Today’s  ill-conceived motion by the PPP to remove Patterson was a blatant attempt to dictate the Opposition’s composition of the  committee and was doomed for failure. It must be noted that the chairman of the PAC is appointed by the Opposition hence, it is only the Opposition that can remove the Chairman. The government’s “no confidence” in Patterson is immaterial, of no consequence nor effect.

It must be further noted that nowhere,  ever, has such a motion been passed for the removal of a PAC Chairman.

Today’s attempt was of no consequence as no vote was put to the chamber.  Patterson had  recused himself from the Committee, and in accordance with the Standing Orders, – a member of the Opposition has to assume Chairmanship. All the other Opposition PAC members declined to assume the chairmanship..

The AFC repeats its earlier stated position that the PPP is afraid of the level of scrutiny it will come under with Patterson as Chairperson of the PAC. It is clear that efforts to malign Patterson’s good name and character were all aimed at removing him from the PAC and weaken the effectiveness of that most important Parliamentary committee.

It is clear that the PPP is preparing to continue its practice of mismanaging the public purse and is doing everything within its power to make a sham of accounting to the people of this country. The AFC will not stand idly by and allow this.

Parliamentary Standing Orders provide for the Chairperson of the PAC to come from the Opposition. The PPP is now trying to overturn Parliamentary Regulations, customs and traditions. This is a dangerous sign of dictatorship.

The Alliance For Change cautions the PPP that such actions do not bode well for our struggling democracy.