The Alliance For Change notes with grave concern the seeming careless response to COVID 19 and its evolving strains. The new Brazilian strain which is discriminating our neighbours, has reached Guyana. From all indications it is more devastating than the original COVID 19 virus.

During this pandemic, the Party is troubled that some of our citizens are not adhering to the COVID19 guidelines. It is also troubling that the Administration has taken a laxed approach to addressing the COVID 19 pandemic.

The AFC has observed the lack of social distancing in many public spaces. We note especially, that during the first week of each month, pensioners flock Post Offices across the country and they can be seen sitting almost shoulder-to-shoulder. While we understand the need of the pensioners to collect their monthly Old Age Pension, we strongly recommend that the Ministry of Social Protection revert to a staggered distribution system, similar to what was implemented under the Coalition Government. This is where Old Age Pension is paid out on an alphabetically based system. This would reduce crowding at Post Offices and minimize opportunity for the spread of the devastating COVID19 virus.

Further, we have observed persons not wearing a mask and, in other instances, persons are not wearing their mask correctly. This is occurring on the streets of our country and in public transportation. It is dangerous, not only to the person not wearing a mask or not wearing it correctly. Thes persons can unwittingly spread CODID 19 as many persons are asymptomatic; in that they exhibit no symptom of COVID 19 even as they carry the virus. The AFC pleads with persons to wear their mask and wear it properly.

The AFC supports all sensible measures to stop the COVID pandemic. We believe the Polic Force should be more involved in enforcing the guidelines including, inspecting public transportation to ensure app passengers are wearing a mask properly, stopping persons on the streets who do not have on a mask and after curfew patrols of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

While the Administration has a significant role to play in reversing the pandemic, the AFC wishes to remind citizens that we all have a primary responsibility to ourselves to take care and protect our health. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to take the precautions; wear a mask and wear it properly, sanitise our hands regularly and correctly, sanitize our surroundings and practice distancing and take the vaccine. Our human resource is our most precious resource.