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Sunday, May 16, 2021


AFC welcomes Dr. Carla Barnett as first female Secretary General


The Alliance For Change (AFC) is pleased to welcome the appointment of Dr. Carla Barnett as the new and incoming Secretary General of CARICOM. Dr. Barnett wlll be the first woman to hold this prestigious position, which has been held by a long list of dedicated men of distinction before her. It is worth noting that Dr. Barnett successfully served as Deputy Secretary General.

That a woman has been chosen to serve in this capacity is a signal honour for women everywhere in the family of states of CARICOM, and further afield.

Dr. Barnett brings with her a new and different perspective to addressing and solving the myriad issues and challenges facing CARICOM member states at this time. These include, but are not limited to, public health, security, governance, and social justice and equality.

With a long and distinguished career in government, finance and regional governance, Dr. Barnett contributes a rich history of service and experience to the CARICOM Secretariat and will be a breath of fresh air – not only within the CARICOM Secretariat, but to the wider Caribbean.

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