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Friday, September 4, 2020

Nandlall’s response to election petition is a clear sign that he is nervous, frightened and afraid

The APNU+AFC finds Anil Nandlall’s response and antics to an Election Petition, which he claims he has not read, laughable. Nandlall, in his typical bombastic style attacks everything before even knowing the facts. It is not implausible that the tarnished and discredited Nandlall, is fully aware and frightened that the very petition that he seeks to malign will result in a swift end to the PPP’s and his unlawful occupation of government.

The Petition filed by citizens Claudette Thorne and Heston Bostwick, is grounded on strong legal and evidential grounds. Nandlall is fully cognizant of this and his wild reaction is nothing more than an attempt to mask that he is in fact frightened by the inevitable outcome and the consequent eviction of the PPP from government.

It is well known that lawyers who are worried about the strength of their case, have a way of trying to decide it outside of the court room, and this attempt to discredit the Petition, before the first witness is heard, is clearly seen for what it is. Nandlall has already telegraphed to the nation that he is obviously nervous and afraid.

The Coalition has every confidence in the success of its Petition and will not be daunted or intimidated by the bullying tactics being displayed by Nandlall and his acolytes. In fact, we eagerly anticipate whether Nandlall will dance and show the same theatrics in court when he is called to give an account for the horrendous illegalities and irregularities that were discovered and witnessed on the East Coast of Demerara – an area that he had direct responsibility for as a PPP operative during the recent elections.

All of Guyana witnessed the video evidence of what transpired on election day in the area when he, Nandlall, was confronted.

Coalition supporters and Guyanese in general are reminded to remain focused and not to be distracted by the clumsy and contrived attempts to throw sand in people’s eyes as seen in recent arrests, trumped up charges and illegal detention of persons.

The facts are incontrovertible and truth shall be established in court.