The AFC is proud of the extensive developmental work undertaken by the APNU+AFC Coalition Government, which has positively impacted and transformed the lives of all Guyanese. There have been significant gains in all facets of life under the Coalition Government. The quality of life for the working man has improved considerably, with exponential increases in salaries, better health care facilities and modernized services. Education has been prioritized with better facilities and expanded access to learning resources. The rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructure continues with better roads and bridges and near eradication of flooding. Rights of citizens are being respected with improved and assured access to justice. The restoration of a clean capital city; more townships; expanded access to information with regional radio stations and all of this in a safer, more democratic Guyana where the rights of citizens are respected and upheld, and the media are free to function without interference or intimidation.

The Coalition Government has worked tirelessly since 2015 to position Guyana is on the cusp of transformational economic change while staging a robust defence of our territorial integrity.

Under the leadership of President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Guyana’s positive reputation and image have been restored on the regional and international stages.

The AFC is pleased and satisfied with both the work of its ministers in government and the government as a whole. The party acknowledges that more could have been done and that there is much more work to be done to achieve the “good life for all Guyanese”. The party notes the constraints with which government has had to function – namely an unrelenting, unreasonable and vicious opposition, limited financial resources, threats to Guyana’s territorial integrity among others.

The AFC looks forward to the developmental work for the duration of this term and in the next and future terms in office.

The Guyanese people deserve no less.