The AFC denounces in the strongest terms the completely fabricated story carried by NCN and the Guyana Chronicle today, Wednesday, June 30, 2010, which stated, among other things, that Party Leader, Raphael Trotman, was in Florida, USA on Friday, June 25, 2010, and conducted meetings in which inflammatory and disrespectful language was used to refer to Party Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan. There is absolutely no truth in the story whatsoever. Mr. Trotman was not in Florida on the day claimed by the state media, and neither were any meetings whatsoever held by him or any member of the Party as falsely stated in the state media. Further, we challenge the state media to put up or shut up by naming the date, time, venue and persons in attendance at this meeting; if not, to at least pretend to be decent and retract the story. However, given its past record of inaccuracies and fabrications, we do not expect much by way of a retraction or apology, but leave the people of Guyana to judge for themselves how dangerous and dictatorial this regime has become.  

This “Nancy” story follows a clear pattern of “Goebbels” type propagandizing by the PPP regime to drive suspicion and division within the leadership and ranks of the AFC, and other opposition parties and groups, and now surpasses its own previous incredulous stories about the aiding and abetting of criminals, “cocaine in pepper sauce”, and reports of members of the leadership resigning from the Party.

It is patently obvious that the PPP is panicking at the real prospect of defeat at the upcoming elections and that the party, which it had dismissed as “wishy washy rejects” in 2006, is now the cornerstone Party in the strong wall of Opposition it faces both at home and abroad. There is a clear and unmistakable pattern of harassment and intimidation of persons who oppose the regime and are likely to play a meaningful role in an opposition force in the coming months. Witness as well, the PPP’s recent ridiculous responses to the TIP report, the World Bank’s Resident Representative, the IMF’s Economic intelligence reports and it will be realised that panic dictates the PPP’s responses, while fear and confusion are its weapons of choice.   

The PPP regime has now become like the proverbial “back-dam bull”, slipping and sliding on its own miasmic matter as it involuntarily makes its way to the slaughter house. It will be expected to say and do wild and inexplicable things in its last days. Rest assured the end is near for this regime. AFC supporters and members are reminded that our mettle is being tested and we have to demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able not only to defend ourselves, but more importantly, to join hands with others to take over the reins of government.


On Saturday 26th June, a number of leading members were in Region 5 on a walkabout, holding short meetings with our Ithaca membership and supporters, sharing out handbills and flyers.

Mr Ramjattan especially was asked to clear the air concerning the untruths which were being peddled in the State media about the AFC.

These he debunked, indicating to these supporters that unless it is a statement coming directly from one of the leaders of the AFC, then any statement about the AFC coming out of the State media should not be paid any attention to as it will have no credibility nor should it be given any reliability.

Several residents mentioned a number of grievances they had, primarily concerning drainage, non-payment of their NIS benefits, and high transportation costs which quickly eats into the poor salaries they are paid. Similar meetings were held at No 5 Village, and Bath Settlement West Coast Berbice.

The massive corruption and financial misfeasance in the PPP Government was the talking point at these meetings. What was quite noticeable at the Bath Settlement meeting was the constant surveillance by well known PPPites as the meeting was going on.

The Bath crowd was undaunted, however, making it quite clear that change must come next elections. Then finally, later that afternoon , a number of books including a complete set of encyclopedia was donated to the Madramootoo Library by Mr. Ramjattan.

On Sunday 27th June, the Youth for Change membership, the youth arm of the AFC, was out on a walkabout at Diamond with several Executives of the AFC. It was all part of grounding the youngsters in hardcore political work.

They performed excellently, knowing it to be their first time out. Very enthused about the exercise, the young ones showed courtesy, tolerance and maturity over and above their years when touching residents, over 300 of them, in the area. They have decided to be on the streets again next week.

The Region 2 AFC Committee, headed by F. Darschiville and M. Pertab, will be having a big fundraiser/dinner at Anna Regina. The AFC’s Principals, R.Trotman, S. Holder, and K. Ramjattan will be there to mingle and speak to members and supporters.

Meetings have been arranged with support groups in the area whilst these leaders are there. Several were held yesterday and more will be conducted today.

And not only here in Guyana. The St Lucia AFC Chapter, headed by Attorney at Law Mr. Horace Fraser, will be launched on 16th July in our sister CARICOM country.

An Executive member to be named will be attending this launch. These outreach exercises which have been ongoing for a number of years now will continue with a lot more frequency in the days ahead.