Georgetown, Guyana.

December 30, 2021

For immediate release to all media houses.

AFC NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE – 2022 Time for A Change

Unfortunately, 2021 will be remembered for Covid, and for the cronyism and absolute contempt of the PPP. These cast a dark and foreboding cloud over and around the nation. Thankfully, the silver-lining around this dark cloud has been the indomitable spirit of the Guyanese people who triumph in the bleakest of circumstances when we realise that "we the people" are resilient, innovative and tougher than we give ourselves credit for.

We all watched as Covid continued to claim life after life as an obviously flawed plan of action continued to be pushed by the Administration – one set of rules were applied for "friends and family", and another, for everyone else. Were it not for the resilience and savvy of Guyanese, the situation would have been far more dire than it already is.

Again, the overwhelming majority of Guyanese were made to stand aside and watch as cash grants, lucrative contracts and special favours were doled out to friends and supporters of the political elite; while the rest of the country was forced to look on and told to "deal with it"! Worst of all, the public servants, the back-bone of government, was given a miserly 7% increase, while others got grant after grant, and, even the 7% increase. This is untenable and is increasing the tensions between the "haves and have-nots". Precious tax-payers money cannot continue to be used wantonly and indiscriminatingly. Such a situation cannot hold indefinitely without reaching a tragic tipping-point. The PPP is inexplicably and deliberately pushing the country to a breaking point. This has to stop!

And then there is the brazen contempt. Most recently, as the year ends, the nation is faced with the spectre of a vulgar grab of the proceeds in the Natural Resources Fund by the PPP. There is no pretence about what is being achieved through Bill No. 20 of 2021.

Facile arguments about the original (2018) NRF legislation being unconstitutional are seen for what they are – transparent fig leaves meant to be a veneer during the move for tyrannical control of the emerging wealth. Despite all the shouts, screams, and even stunts, to get the PPP to slow down, listen and respond, it did as it always does – deny, defy, and denigrate anyone who has a contrary view.

It is time to bid farewell to the sour memories of 2021; time to honour the fallen unsung heroes in our society who labour without recognition – including some of whom have passed to the great beyond; time to reach for a higher level of governance and social cohesion, and time to cast our vision towards making 2022, the New Year, one in which we Guyanese will be free from fear of recrimination, free from the ravages of Covid, and free from oppressive government.

One expects the PPP to shake off its lust for recrimination and absolute control and begin to recognise that it is to govern on behalf of, and for, all Guyanese. It is time for "One Guyana"! Time is of the essence.

A Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2022 to all Guyanese!!