Now that it has been confirmed that the PPP has not commissioned any additional studies on the gas to shore project but have utilized studies commissioned by the coalition administration to justify their overpriced, ill-conceived, proposal to locate this project in Wales, the timing is perfect to shed some further light on this decision.

Exxon commissioned an independent consultancy firm ERM, who calls itself “The worlds leading sustainability consultancy” firm to provide an expert opinion on suitable locations for the gas to shore project. Exxon and ERM ruled out the Wales location as suitable (see page 6). However, despite this, and with no additional studies, the PPP is “gung ho” on using the Wales location.

But hey, don’t take my word for it on this issue, read the report for yourself (apologies for the quality of the copies, but one must work with the tools available). Included in the attachments, is a list of additional studies that were proposed to be executed before a final decision on a location was made.

At a price tag of US$1.225B (US$900M for the pipeline and LPG plant, US$240M for the power plants, and US$80M for GPL infrastructure), this will be the largest white elephant project in the Caribbean. What’s even more astounding is that gas at the quantity proposed by the PPP will only be available for 11 years. That’s correct folks, we will be paying US$112M per year for this PPP project for a lifespan of eleven years makes any sense to you???

Just in case, I cause any PPP member any “emotional distress”, I have tagged the big guy on this post – he might have a busy weekend!!!