The opposition People’s Progressive Party plan to steal the March 2 General and Regional Elections in Guyana has hit another hurdle. A team of independent international information technology (IT) specialists has uncovered an elaborate PPP digital operation to hastily modify their bogus spreadsheets and Statements of Polls (SOPs) which they had been touting as authentic and which they have been using as the basis to claim that the PPP won the elections.

After it was realized that the PPP suddenly removed their special purpose website that they unveiled on March 5th, international IT sleuths went into action and what they have since uncovered is nothing short of busting the PPP attempt to cover their tracks.

The IT experts were tipped off that the PPP, sometime on the afternoon of Thursday May 7th, hastily took down their highly touted website – www.region4sopsinformation.com – which was launched since March 5th and on which the PPP had uploaded what they claimed to be authentic SOPs along with their spreadsheets which purported to show that the PPP had won the March 2nd elections.

The IT investigators have gathered incontrovertible classified evidence that the PPP operatives modified the contents of the website and re-uploaded the new figures just before midnight on Thursday May 7th.

Back-end records of the website (see attached screenshots) reveal that a PDF document of an Excel spreadsheet on the website named ’NORTH_GT_PPP_TABULATION_OF_SOP_REGION_4_xlsx.pdf” was re-uploaded at 23:38hrs on the night of May 7th.

The team of international IT experts was able to access the back-end records of the website which show that all the previous files were uploaded to the website at 14:13hrs on March 5th while the Excel spreadsheet was originally uploaded at 17:35hrs on the same day. However the questionable ’tabulation spreadsheet’ was taken down, adjusted and re-uploaded late last night. The original Excel document appeared to have been modified twice before last night’s major overhaul.

Also the original file was found to be smaller in size (47kb) while the one uploaded last night was significantly larger (101kb).

The reason for the hasty removal of the website and the adjusting of the Excel spreadsheet is obvious. On Day Two of the recount the PPP rigging plans suffered a damaging and embarrassing blow when their attempt to steal 119 votes from the APNU+AFC Coalition in a single ballot box at the Yarrowkabra Primary School was exposed.

The bogus PPP spreadsheet had listed 41 votes for the APNU+AFC and 59 votes for the PPP which claimed it had won that box by 18 votes.

However when the recount was conducted on Thursday and the actual ballots in the ballot box were counted, it showed a massive 160 votes for the APNU+AFC and only 63 for the PPP with the Coalition winning a landslide in the ballot box.

It was shortly after this revelation that the PPP went into a tailspin and quickly took the website and its contents offline.

It is now clear that the PPP operatives removed the document from the website, corrected it with the recount figures and then re-uploaded it back online. While they were correcting the document however, the website had to be taken down and it was during this time that the international IT experts went into action and tracked the PPP’s digital footprints and uncovered the back-end records for the website.

We also have credible information that several PPP agents, including businessman Gerry Gouveia and public relations consultant Kit Nascimento went into panic mode after the revelations. In frenzied messages in a WhatsApp Group (see screenshot attached) the duo, along with others started attempting to cover up the PPP’s rigging attempts while at the same time feigning ignorance of the PPP’s bogus documents.