Georgetown, Guyana. November 23, 2022


The AFC has confirmed that despite the contents in an abhorrent and disgusting video that recently circulated of Charandass Persaud insulting an Indian citizen in vilest terms, he continues to function as Guyana’s High Commission to India.

The AFC received reports of this, and was able to confirm, that Persaud is scheduled to be a “guest of honour” at the India Economic Trade Organisation’s (IETO) reception on Friday, November 25, 2022. The IETO is an official organ of the Government of India.

Further, information in hand is that both the Minister of Foreigh Affairs and the President himself are aware of, and approved Persaud’s continued functioning, and attendance at this state function. The Alliance For Change has communicated with the host to bring to his attention the disgrace the presence of Charandass Persaud at the event can cause. The host from all appearances was unaware.

All right-thinking Guyanese were embarrassed and insulted by Persaud’s behaviour and were relieved that he was being “recalled”. This, we were all led to believe, was with immediate effect. Apparently, and most unfortunately, the nation was hoodwinked, to

put it mildly, once again, by a callous, insensitive and dishonorable regime. After all, Charandass Persaud’s behaviour now seems to have been embraced by the PPP, or could it have been a case of his mimicking their’s?

*Invitation to the event attached.