Georgetown, Guyana. June 22, 2022


Watergate moment in Ali’s Administration

The recent public disclosure of allegations of corruption, specifically bribery, levelled against Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo is serious. The VICE news report aired on Showtime has placed Guyana in the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons. To say the report is damning is to put it mildly. It signals a Watergate moment for the Ali led Administration.

VICE journalist Yeung in her undercover investigative piece exposes a scheme built on bribery and corruption that seem to involve Guyana’s Vice President. Like Bernstein and Woodward in the infamous Watergate Scandal of the 1970s Yeung has revealed a

‘smoking gun’. It is now imperative that President Irfaan Ali commissions a full, impartial

investigation into these allegations to be conducted by internationally recognized financial forensic auditors. Failure to do so would see Guyana forever being tarnished by these allegations against a very high ranking government official. This is not just about the character and image of the Vice President, it is also about our State as a whole and how we as a nation address corruption in high office.

At the very least, the VICE report provides grounds for a full investigation of the VP as a politically exposed person and Su as a close friend in direct contact with the Vice President.

Until such an investigation is completed, the President must do what is in the best interest of Guyana and ask the Vice President to step down. The ball is in President Ali’s court to protect the image of Guyana. This could be the Vice President’s Watergate. Only a full and competently conducted investigation will suffice. The President must not be seek shirking his duty to the people of Guyana.