January 13, 2022

For Immediate Release



The Youths For Change strongly condemns the arrest of Hon. Sherod Duncan M.P on frivolous and unjustifiable grounds, at a time when murderers, rapists, abusers and robbers are walking free and the citizens of Guyana are still waiting for justice for those serious crimes.

The arrest of Hon. Sherod Duncan M.P, is a clear violation of his right to freedom of speech. This politically motivated arrest further portrays the Guyana Police Force in the most negative light and adds to the rapidly declining public trust in the Police Force to guard itself against political directives. The arrest of Mr. Duncan is a glaring manifestation of the dictatorial rule that the current administration is engaged in.

The YFC calls for the immediate release of Hon. Sherod Duncan M.P and for an end to the arbitrary arrest of members of the opposition for calling out the government’s dictatorship and reign of terror on the Guyanese people and for calling out public office holders for acts of mismanagement and corruption.

The YFC stands with Hon. Sherod Duncan M.P and is committed to the fight to protect our most fundamental right of free speech. We see this as a direct attempt to muzzle any voice of dissent against the regime. This arrest can only be viewed as an act of tyranny.