Georgetown, Guyana.

November 23, 2020

For immediate release to all media houses.

AFC condemns Ali Regime for dismissal of Dr. Vincent Adams and Others

The Alliance For Change strongly condemns the unlawful dismissal of Dr. Vincent Adams as Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Adams is, without question, the most qualified Environmental Engineer and Petroleum Engineer in the country, who returned after an outstanding career of fine service in the United States to serve the people of Guyana.

During his career in the United States, Dr. Adams worked at the highest levels of Government and enjoyed enviable professional recognition the world over.

There can be no legitimate explanation for Dr. Adams’ dismissal as, despite his political views, he served objectively and with distinction. The words of President Ali, that he would be offered a position to which he is eminently qualified have proven hollow and false.

Unfortunately, if this is the leadership that Guyana has to offer, then the nation will undoubtedly suffer. There is a distinct absence of dignity and decorum and in its place unbridled crassness, pettiness, vindictiveness and small-mindedness which has become the principal characteristic of the Ali regime as it carries out a campaign of ethno-political purging of mammoth proportions.

There is only so much that a people can take and the Alliance For Change calls on President Ali, and his Government, to take stock and pay very close attention before it plunges this country into a dark chasm of inevitable ethnic strife and conflict.