APNU+AFC Media Release

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Barefaced PPP seeking to repossess legally acquired property

The PPP must be the most barefaced and hypocritical political party in the hemisphere, if not the world. While in government they sold their leadership and cronies properties for next to nothing and now they are seeking to dispossess people who obtained their property legally.

It is apposite to note that the PPP allowed all the senior staff properties and staff clubs that fell under GuySuCo to deteriorate. They then proceeded to sell them to themselves and cronies at rock bottom prices. This was done without valuation.

Let the PPP dispute the fact that a former PPP Prime Minister was able to purchase prime land with property for GYD$84,000 while selling poor people house lots for half of a million and more. Let the PPP dispute the fact that the present illegitimate President bought GuySuCo’s Leonora Estate property way below its value. They cannot.

It must therefore be clearly established that the PPP are hypocrites who are on an ethnic and political discriminatory witch-hunt.

The properties that were sold while the APNU+AFC Coalition was in office were sold legally after proper evaluation. Having inherited structures that were left to deteriorate, the APNU+AFC government found it necessary to sell and lease these properties as the Board of NICIL saw it fit.

At Wales the properties were in a deplorable state. They were sold to GuySuCo employees who were living in them or had ten years of service. They were sold at the current market value less 30 percent. Any government that cares for its people will support such an approach.

Unfortunately, not so the PPP, they believe only them, their families and friends must benefit and African Guyanese and other ethnic groups who support the APNU+AFC must not.

In other cases the lands and properties were leased, bringing in needed resources to NICIL and providing for their effective occupation and development. They were leased to individuals and government agencies. Note that valuations were done for these lands as well.

It should be also stated that Watooka House was renovated and developed. The same was done at Skeldon and these two properties are now in a position where they are serving those communities in a number of useful ways and are practically heritage buildings.

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls on those persons who have purchased or leased lands and other properties to not return them since they were obtained legally.

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls on the PPP regime to desist from dispossessing Guyanese of their legally acquired property and to recognise that they are setting a bad example. The PPP must recognise that all Guyanese have a right to share in our national patrimony and to note that the APNU+AFC Coalition will support the legal actions of those owners so that the courts can reaffirm their legal right to their property.

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls on all those who obtained these properties legally to not be intimidated by the PPP corrupt regime that believes only them and their families and friend must benefit.