Since August, 2020, the leadership of the Alliance For Change, through the organ of its National Executive Committee (NEC), has held several meetings to discuss the ‘Way Forward’ in this new dispensation as an Opposition Party. Having settled on its representation in the National Assembly and the Regional Democratic Councils, the leadership next focused attention on critical matters that have to be addressed during the period until the next National Conference scheduled for 2021.

In this regard, the NEC today reaffirmed the need for the AFC to be a vibrant and independent voice and national actor, and recognises that a period of introspection, rebuilding and recalibrating, is needed in the immediate months ahead. In so far as the partnership with the APNU is concerned, the Party recognises and accepts that the terms of the revised Cummingsburg Accord, which was designed to regulate the Parties’ conduct in Government, does not constrain or circumscribe it from pursuing a more independent path of thought and action. Nevertheless, the AFC recognises that even as it moves to achieve greater independence, its roles and responsibilities in the National Assembly, Regional Democratic Councils, and the prosecution of the Election Petitions, in particular, will be recognised and provided for accordingly.

The AFC believes that its core identity as the promoter of the values of Healing and Reconciliation and Constitutional Reform, must once again become the bulwark of its efforts and will renew its energies in this regard. Further, the Party remains open to collaborate with all stakeholders who share a common desire for a unified, secure and developed Guyana.