Alliance For Change

Statement For Immediate Release

Sunday, October 4, 2020

AFC to focus on “Beyond March 2020”

The National Executive Committee of the Alliance For Change held an Extraordinary Meeting today and reaffirmed its commitment to its founding principles; that each and every person is equal and to the construction and administering of a just society within the framework of participation by all persons, the enhancement of our diverse community and the preservation of the Guyanese identity. The Party noted the need for healing and reconciliation.

The Party considered the Letter of Resignation from David Patterson as General Secretary and Member of Parliament and unanimously urged that Patterson reconsider his position.

Deliberations on the Addendum to the Revised Cummingsburg Accord that provides for the AFC to name the Vice Chairpersons for Regions # 4 and # 7 noted that the Alliance For Change behaved honorably and with integrity and would have upheld the Accord and Addendum. The party also noted the responses offered by the Leader of APNU as to the reasons why the similar provision was not upheld by APNU.

The NEC was of the strong view, that a fundamental breach of the Accord was committed, as such a committee has been established to provide guidance and recommendations to the party on the continued effectiveness of the Accord as well as a review of the mechanisms to effect any future agreements. The committee will be submitting its report within 10 days, thereafter another NEC meeting will be held on October 18, 2020. The NEC, with the agreement of the General Secretary has deferred a decision on the resignations to this later date.

The NEC agreed to a process geared towards strengthening the AFC as it looks forward “Beyond March 2020”, and positioning the AFC as a viable and responsible entity. The NEC noted the need for introspection and strengthening the party so we can better serve Guyana at this critical time in its history as we find solutions to the complexed problems that face us today as a country.