APNU+AFC Media Release

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Monday, September 7, 2020

APNU+AFC statement on the killing of Orlando Jonas

The APNU+AFC Coalition condemns the senseless murder of Orlando Jonas at Albion in Berbice.

Twenty seven year old Orlando was pounced upon by two young men who slashed his throat on the Albion roadway. The two men are now in police custody. In less than 24 hours three young black men, two of them mere teenagers, had their throats slashed in Berbice. Orlando’s killing bears a striking and eerie similarity to the killing of Isaiah and Joel Henry in the Cotton Tree backdam.

We extend condolences to the family and relatives of Orlando in this time of mourning and grief and will endeavour to visit with them at the earliest possible time.

The APNU+AFC Coalition also wishes a speedy recovery for 19 year old Mahendra Ramnarine, Orlando’s colleague who was chopped to his face but whose life was spared by the perpetrators.

APNU+AFC is informed that Jonas and Ramnarine were heading home from work when two men at the side of the road reportedly taunted Orlando who confronted them. They then viciously attacked and murdered Orlando with knives.

These are deeply troubling and dark times in our nation. Guyana appears to be slipping into a state of uncertainty and chaos and the fraudulent PPP government is the architect of that chaos.