Georgetown, Guyana

August 3, 2020

For Immediate Release




The final declaration having been made by the Chairman of GECOM, the Alliance For Change, AFC  expresses its satisfaction that a peaceful transition of Government has occurred. This confirms our people and the nation’s commitment to the Constitution and the processes and institutions of democracy. 

The March 2020 Elections was undoubtedly an extremely hard fought one. 

The AFC is extremely disappointed with the outcome, and especially, in the fact that obvious and countless discrepancies and irregularities were not taken into account by GECOM at the time of making its declarations. These descrepancies, we continue to contend, should have led of the utilisation of only valid votes.

However, that notwithstanding, the Party wishes to take this opportunity to put aside partisanship and rancour to congratulate President Irfaan Ali on his election to the highest office. Though it happened exactly five months after March 2nd, which certainly the AFC nor its partners wanted, nor even anticipated, it has been resolved through the assistance of the honoured institution of the Judiciary. This is  a demonstration that civility and democracy is alive and well. We must build on and reinforce this foundation.


The AFC believes, like its APNU partner and President Granger, that the fraud and numerous irregularities and anomalies uncovered during the Recount exercise demonstrated that there was a credibility deficit in the March 2020 Elections which will be pursued vigorously in an Election Petition. The Party and its coalition partners expect that the Election Petition will be expedited with the same alacrity as similar litigation which followed the Elections. 

To our members and supporters, we pledge to work with all our partners to continue our fight for vitally needed constitutional and electoral reforms and to prevent the return of the days of executive lawlessness which the APNU+AFC Government cleaned up upon taking office in 2015. We will not tolerate discrimination, marginalisation, disrespect, and high crimes which were the hallmarks of the previous PPP administration.

We further pledge to fight for all Guyanese to share equally the new found prosperity which our nation has began to experience. 
We assure all Guyana that the Alliance For Change will stay true to its founding principles of healing and reconciliation, the ending of race based politics, equality, freedom, non-discrimination and the well-being of every Guyanese. God bless us all and Guyana and keep her united, safe and prosperous.