1. Guyana’s opposition PPP is part of an international conspiracy with international actors to force out the APNU+AFC coalition government to control Guyana’s oil and gas.

2. The PPP is attempting to sneak into government through the back door with fraudulent ballots. The March 2, 2020 election was plagued by fraud and voter impersonation. The Police and Registrar of Deaths confirmed, through immigration records and death certificates, that PPP operatives around Guyana voted for dead people and people who live abroad; whose names remain on the voters list. To cover up the fraud they destroyed elections documents required by law to authenticate each ballot.

3. The PPP and their international actors are trying to bully GECOM to count fraudulent ballots along with valid votes.  There is a big difference between a valid ballot and a valid vote. A valid ballot paper can be fraudulently but correctly marked for a political party by someone who is impersonating a legitimate voter.  However, a valid vote is a vote cast in person by an eligible voter, whose name appears on the voters list, after that voter properly identified him or herself with a valid photo ID as required by law. The PPP’s vote total consists of thousands of fraudulent ballots.

4. The Guyana Court of Appeal ruled on June 20, 2020 that only valid votes cast in the March 2, 2020 elections shall be counted. The Guyana constitution mandates that the Court of Appeal ruling is final.

5. However, the PPP has appealed the Court of Appeal’s decision, that only valid votes must be counted, to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The PPP is the only political party in the history of the world that is appealing a court decision that says only valid votes must be counted in an election.  The PPP is the only party in the world that is fighting to have dead people’s votes and fraudulent votes counted. Every Guyanese must demand that only valid votes must be counted!

6. The previous PPP government used death squads to kill over 1400 African Guyanese. There has never been any investigation or justice for this genocide.  Join the relatives of the death squad victims and the people of the Caribbean Region to demand justice for these black lives that were murdered by PPP death squads.