Georgetown, Guyana, April 2, 2020:


The APNU+AFC Coalition finds as laughable a statement from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) alleging the discovery of a plot by the Coalition “to peddle misinformation and advance the false narrative of its victory at the March 2, 2020, General and Regional Elections.” Then again, it must be an April’s Fool prank, issued on the 1st April by the PPP with a litany of diatribe.

The Coalition rejects as baseless and inflammatory these allegations as a last gasp by the PPP/C to thwart the election process and deny the people of Guyana a government of their choice, elected in democratically free and fair elections. All Guyana must recall that all of the Elections Observer missions concluded that the voting process in the elections was well managed by GECOM, peaceful, proceeded largely without incident and was free, fair and transparent.

We take this opportunity to remind the Guyanese people that even before the voting had concluded on March 2, 2020, the PPP/C and its surrogates, acting under the instructions of MERCURY, disseminated a false and dangerous narrative that it had won the election and would form the government. As part of its plot to overthrow the electoral process, the PPP/C along with operatives, disrupted the tabulation for region 4, thereby preventing GECOM from declaring the results which shows a clear and convincing victory for the Coalition led by President David Granger.

This was one of the concerns noted by the Carter Center observer mission in its recent report on the Guyana election. The Carter Center stated, “The environment at the GECOM office where the tabulation was being conducted for Region 4 was at times chaotic because of the large number of persons present and efforts by PPP/C representatives and others to disrupt the declaration of results.”

We also reject as hogwash the claim by PPP/C that the Coalition has launched a whispering campaign “to steal political power.” From day one, it is the Coalition that has been appealing to all concerned to allow GECOM to do its work. We have issued numerous statements and made appearances on social media appealing to the Guyanese people to remain calm and patient and allow GECOM to complete its obligation.

It is our fundamental belief that the people’s vote must be counted by the appropriate authority and the constitutionally permitted mechanism; and for this reason, we have maintained that GECOM must conclude its legal and constitutional mandate and declare the winner based on its SOPs. In fact, we have said consistently that the SOPs fabricated by the PPP/C must be rejected because they are bogus. How can the PPP/C produce a tally of votes based on its SOPs on February 29, 2019 for a March 2, 2020 general election and expect to be taken seriously? What could be more fraudulent than that?

The PPP/C has by that and other actions desperately and dangerously used various tactics to try to grab a victory they did not earn.

The PPP/C has used its hired hack – Mercury to spew a chronology of false narrative within Guyanese society and the international community to hurt Guyanese people and diminish our patrimony. They have called on our international partners to impose hurtful sanctions on the Guyanese people. This presumably would be punishment for the people having rejected them at the polls. We find this narrative grossly anti-national and against the spirit of the Guyanese tradition.

We remind the Guyanese people that the PPP/C has spared no effort in sullying the name of Guyana through those actions and its frivolous court injunction and obstruction tactics, aimed at hijacking the people’s victory.

In this sordid episode, we will never forget the assault on our innocent school children who were attacked by hooligans aligned to the PPP/C as they travelled from school in a sponsored bus, and the many others who were inconvenienced by the PPP/C miscreants who were determined to create social unrest in Guyana.

The PPP/C must be condemned and stopped in its desperate and greedy attempt to hijack the 2020 elections.

The Coalition continues to maintain its stated position that any constitutionally permitted recount of votes must be of all regions, beginning at region one and continue numerically to region ten, until all votes are counted. We have also stated that GECOM must fulfil its constitutional mandate and declare the winner of the March 2, 2020 election and those who are dissatisfied and aggrieved thereafter should use the mechanisms established in law to seek redress.

President Granger has already indicated his willingness to abide by the decision of GECOM. Soon after the CARICOM team withdrew, President Granger reiterated the position of the Coalition that we would countenance a recount of all votes if that process can be accomplished within the legal framework of Guyana and the constitutional responsibility of GECOM. End