This journey which has brought us to our 14th Anniversary celebration in 2019 has been extraordinarily challenging and eventful.

Along the course we have laughed and cried, ran and stumbled, dusted off and ran again.
Initially, it was difficult to even contemplate a third force with such potency and influence. But we realized it in short time, notwithstanding the jeers and mocking⁸. We were encouraged, too, by the kind words of thousands of our supporters.

After our launch on October 29th 2005 at the Convention Centre Lilliendaal, we soared like no other third party in this Caribbean Region ever did.
Shiela Holder, Raphael Trotman and myself along with scores of other leaders at the Central and Regional levels made sure the AFC in its first electoral outing in 2006 won 5 Parliamentary seats.
Thereafter, our Parliamentary performance and activists’ work in the communities all across Guyana inspired a youthful following that saw us winning 7 Parliamentary seats in 2011; and, at least, one Regional Councillor in each of the 10 Regions of Guyana. This time, too, that potency and influence saw the PPP being reduced to a minority Government. This was a success of the highest order.
Our strategic leadership in that 10th Parliament saw us filing a no-confidence motion which forced a prorogation by the Ramotar-led Government. This then led to General Elections in 2015. Our decision to sign that year a Cummingsburg Accord with APNU proved a wise one when in that same year we won an elections and were in Government with our partner.

For all that the chatterati and naysayers will say, we have stayed with our principles and have held the course during our time in Government. It has not been easy, but we never expected a cakewalk. We expect all manner of trials and tribulations as we journey on.

We must remain steadfast amidst the disinformation and criticisms sometimes from quarters least expected. We must do so to preserve and strengthen our democracy, and create economic opportunities for all our Guyanese so we can enjoy that happy life we want to see realised with the new oil and gas sector on the horizon. We are on the cusp of greatness and must never allow this opportunity to pass us by.

To all our supporters and members thanks for your kind loyalty and contributions through these 14 years. Thank you.