I have noted with amusement the emergence of some extremely humorous comments on social media, being peddled by recognised PPP trolls.

A number of these posts are accompanied by photographs of properties purported to be mine and malicious propaganda aimed at smearing my character and casting doubt on the probity of my conduct as a Minister of the Government of Guyana.

It is a bit sad to see the depths, to which the PPP and their cohorts have descended, and their willingness to peddle falsehoods to the Guyanese public.

I live in one home, which was acquired through a mortgage
It does not have a swimming pool or tennis courts.
In comparison to the homes of some former PPP Ministers, it is, by all measures, a modest home.

To be clear this "PPP troll attack" reflects their desperation and their ongoing attempt to deflect the attention of the Guyanese people from an examination of their record.

However, what they are only now beginning to realise is that the Guyanese public was right here in Guyana when a chosen few went on their twenty-three year binge of corruption and enriching themselves.
So they will not fool the Guyanese people with these distractions. They have tried to cover up their actions, but now that these are being exposed, they are becoming increasingly agitated and have reverted right back to where they are most comfortable – mud-slinging.
These latest social media attacks are laughable, but given the nature of the PPP, I predict that these will not be the last; and that the messaging will become increasingly preposterous.

I call on all Guyanese not to fall prey to fake news and the PPP’s desperation.
– Sunday, February 24, 2019