The Alliance For Change will host its first National Executive Committee Meeting for 2019 on Saturday January 26th. The full National Executive of the party will be in attendance. This NEC will be expanded to include municipal and regional councillors and other regional and district officials from across the country along with attendance by representatives of the Diaspora.

The party expects, as usual, robust presentations on various agenda items, particularly regarding the prevailing political position.

The party restates its position that it feel betrayed by the vote on December 21 and it is now evident that it was not a conscience vote but that much more was at play and the police are conducting investigations in this regard.

The AFC is pleased with the maturity displayed by the respective sides at the meeting on January 9th of His Excellency President David Granger and his team of ministers and the Leader of the Opposition and his team. The party notes and is heartened by statements following the meeting that the sanctity of government remains and trusts that this political maturity will hold in the coming weeks and months and the matter continues to unfold.

The party is pleased with the court proceedings yesterday, particularly with regard to the court’s determination to treat with the matter expeditiously and looks forward to the ruling of the court.

The AFC reaffirms that the Coalition remains strong and reassures all Guyanese that the party is firmly committed to the rule of law and remains Guyana’s largest multi-ethnic party which continues to be unwavering in pursuit of representing the interest of all Guyanese.