Alliance For Change
Media release
For immediate release
Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Alliance For Change is in a coalition with A Partnership for National Unity based on the Cummingsburg Accord. In the Accord, we jointly subscribe to pursue a common vision and pathway that put Guyana and all Guyanese first, without a resort to discrimination or favouritism in any form.

We look to President David Granger, in particular, to articulate that vision on behalf of government and his party, and most recently this was done at the Bi-annial Delegates Congress of the PNC.

The AFC’s position on equality is well known and recently restated, whereby the AFC believes in and espouses equal opportunity for all Guyanese, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, political persuasion or sexual orientation. The AFC believes that all Guyanese are entitled to share equally in the benefits of the state.

We believe that the PNC Chair’s widely reported statements were made in the aftermath of the hotly contested Local Government Elections and have created an unnecessary distraction at this time.

The Chair, I as Leader have known and worked closely with for 25 years has never shown racial or political partisanship, but in fact, has worked tirelessly, as politician and as a minister of government for the betterment of people of all walks of life and all backgrounds.