Dear Editor,

I strongly believe that the Alliance For Change running independently at the upcoming local government elections is a great decision and Linden only stands to benefit. Since its formation and subsequent evolution to A Partnership for National Unity, the People’s National Congress has never lost the support of the mining town.

While such an accolade is commendable, what do the residents of Linden have to show? Is there a true economic reform strategy? Other questions need to be asked. During the tenure of the People’s Progressive Party, it has been ignored because of racial and politically-driven reasons while the PNC continues to make Linden a pawn in their game of chess.

It is time that the people of Linden call a spade a spade by sending a strong message to the so-called elite parties; it is a free town and no one owns it. Taxpayers and residents continue to complain about the poor waste management services provided by the council; sometimes, for months at a time, their receptacles are ignored. In addition, inefficient lighting, lack of security, poorly maintained roads, increase in vectors, clogged drains, derelict structures and vehicles, as well as a significant decline in employment opportunities are only a speck in a growing mountain of issues in the last 48 years.

While Linden continues to suffer, elected councillors continue to play ‘dolly house’; some are still on a ‘honeymoon’ while others, fuelled by personal vendetta and grievances, totally neglect constituencies they were elected to serve.

The ideology on which the AFC was founded is being a beacon of hope, being inclusive, transparent, accountable; a voice to the voiceless. In not such a long distant past, in 2012, when the PNC and PPP were playing the blame game in relation to the death of three peaceful protesters and the injuring of dozens of others, the AFC and member Nigel Hughes funded a private investigation and gave legal representation to victims, ensuring that the state compensated those affected, and further lobbied for the continued subvention towards manageable electricity rates.

In pursuit of having its credible representatives elected into the council on November 12, 2018, the AFC will surely continue to stand against injustice, inequality and fight for the needs of Linden.

Yours faithfully,

Devin Sears