Today the AFC officially began unveiling its candidates for #LGE2018 on social media and the digital platform. There will be mass media and other rollouts to follow. The candidates have been and are in their respective constituencies doing work on the ground. There had been much chatter, speculation and genuine concern about the AFC candidates by and from persons who had seen APNU and PPP unveiling their candidates. There was an anxiety to know who the AFC candidates were.
The AFC has been in LGE preparation mode for months. It has timelines and will be disciplined in executing its campaign. The AFC will not make an impact in these LGEs by dancing to the tune of the other parties and reacting to what they do. It will make an impact by setting the agenda, setting itself apart and showing people a different way of managing their affairs.
The reactions, endorsements and responses that are already coming in for our candidates speak to their quality and though it was initially not completely well received the truly #fitandproppa candidates that the AFC has put together.
We ar enot contesting every municipality and NDC. We are not a mass based party nor do we pretend to be. We will not contest everywhere simply to say we are contesting everywhere. We could have easily fielded candidates in each of the 80 local government authorities but we have chosen a different path – we want to present credible, able and competent candidates. We are the party that will make the critical difference.
All across Guyana the AFC has 667 candidates in total and these are not old party hacks, they are mostly young people of independent mind with new and fresh ideas and perspectives who wish to lead in making a difference at the community level.
I ask you to consider all the candidates in your constituency. Do your own analysis and make your own judgment. If, in your best judgment the best candidate is from the AFC, vote for that person. If you believe there is a better candidate from another party then vote for that person. It is at this community level that we can meaningfully begin to change the culture of ethnic voting at national and regional elections. #afc