The prompt exposure by the Alliance for Change of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo for his unpatriotic stance to pull the PPP from the National Border Commission has led to his flip-flopping and opting instead to selectively participate in discussions regarding Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

At a news conference on Wednesday, October 25, Jagdeo also flip-flopped on his threat of non-cooperation and to pull PPP-controlled Regional, Municipal and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils from infrastructural and development tasks. After his reckless statements, Jagdeo was faced with a backlash from the Guyanese people, including those who voted for the PPP. He then sought to reformulate his non-cooperation to include refusal of regional officials to meet with Government leaders and to picket the President when he visits the countryside.

The AFC notes that on this occasion, when Jagdeo professed love of Guyana he declared that he was speaking “in coded language”, which we interpret to be an attempt to cover his reckless promise that he would cede a portion of Guyana’s territory to Venezuela if given the chance to do so.

Jagdeo is aware that the Guyanese people would, as they have done, reject any activities to destabilise the society and to sabotage economic development. The AFC however is vindicated in its view that as Jagdeo loses grip on the possibility of returning as President, he would not only become intemperate but desperate and, as we have witnessed, vulgar.

As a former President and a hapless seeker of a third term, he descended into the pit of gutter politics when he used foul, reprehensible and uncouth language to label our party’s leaders who are duly elected Members of Parliament and government ministers. Jagdeo has, not uncharacteristically, brought both the offices of former President and Opposition Leader into disrepute.

As if politically insane, Jagdeo referred to statements made by our party’s elder statesman (and Prime Minister) as “bulls**t”.

Our young generation who are looking for better leadership in the future have now witnessed the real Jagdeo, who once described journalists as “carrion crows” and those with whom he disagrees as “ignoramuses”.

AFC again alerts the Guyanese people not to be fooled by the rhetoric of this failed President who seeks to sow fear and insecurity in our country. His hypocrisy and double speak are characteristic of this political hustler who sees the appointment of a new Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission as an occasion to sow racial and political fear and to fracture the unity of our people.

The Alliance For Change condemns Jagdeo for this scurrilous attack on our party’s leadership and calls on all right-thinking Guyanese to reject Jagdeo’s divisionist tactics and his compromise of Guyana’s territorial integrity.