A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) have combined their energies again under a revised Cummingsburg Accord. We are committed, irrevocably, to laying the foundation for ensuring the ‘good life’ for every Guyanese over the next five years.

This Manifesto defines the policies which we shall pursue towards this objective. The APNU+AFC coalition is cohesive and committed. It remains the boldest political step taken in six decades to r e place confrontation with cooperation; dictatorship with democracy, despair with hope and political hostility with unity.

The six-party coalition – comprising the Alliance for Change, Guyana Action Party, Justice for All Party, National Front Alliance, People’s National Congress Reform and the Working People’s Alliance – has demonstrated the political value of multiparty cooperation –to our country’s national development.

Our nation is in a better place today than it was in 2015. The APNU+AFC Coalition has restored public confidence in government, improved the management of the State, renewed local democracy and defended, robustly, the country’s territorial integrity. Guyanese, can look forward to continued growth during the Decade of Development 2020-2029.

APNU AFC Manifesto 2020 SGB