October 20, 2023

Georgetown, Guyana.

For immediate release to all media houses.


Alliance For Change statement on the humanitarian disaster taking place in Gaza

WE of the Alliance For Change, AFC call on both sides of this conflict to have a cease fire and to return to dialogue rather than shooting:

For over 75 years both sides have inflicted untold misery and hurt on each other without a solution to the problem in sight.

Each side will have to make hard and difficult concessions and the formula for such actions are already there

Such as:

  1. The two State Solution with
  2. Definable and acceptable Borders
  3. Blockade lifted for food, water and electricity

We condemn the unnecessary loss of life on both sides of the conflict, we believe strongly in “The Sanctity Of Life” both Israeli and Palestinian.

Political dialogue can and has always solved the most intractable problems.

We would like to see dialogue rather than guns ablaze. Co-operation rather than confrontation, peace rather than conflict.