The Alliance For Change is deeply saddened and mourns the passing of the school girls who perished overnight in the dormitory fire in Mahdia, Region 8.

The Leader, and entire Executive and membership expresses condolences and offers heartfelt support to the parents, relatives and colleagues of those who passed.

The nation’s immediate focus has to be on addressing the pain and suffering brought on by this tragedy. This is a national tragedy, and all of Guyana must joins hearts and hands in national mourning and commiserations.

Immediately afterwards, our attention has to be put into finding out why a tragedy of this magnitude could have occurred and to finding answers to the many questions that must be answered – why was there no means of escape? Why was the response of the Guyana Fire Service once again below the minimum standards expected? Where were the adult Supervisors and Dorm Mothers?

The AFC expects and demands a full Commission of Inquiry into this tragedy, and for the inquiry to be extended, and recommendations made, for all places where students are accommodated nationwide.

Our prayers and support go out to the grieving parents and relatives of the bereaved.